‘Like this’ is blowing the charts!

MASE, producer and singer from Gabon (Africa), is now hitting the charts with his new single “Like this”, a club song bringing mind-blowing and blasting sounds on the dancefloor.

So far “Like this” it’s a worldwide success, being heard all over the USA, Europe, South America and more, no wonder is easily picked-up by radio stations!

“Like this” has entered the nationwide top ten Urban Indie Charts, charting at #8. This tune is placed at #29 in the nationwide Rhythmic Indie Charts! What about in your country?

You can download it from iTunes, it deserves to be on your music player! Here’s the link: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/like-this-single/id433204102

This is some of the feedback received so far from the listeners:

by Lone*Star
overall a really catchy song
i like the singing in the chorus best of all probably

by Susan_Rachelaa792
original lyrical content really make mase’s song a good one

by Katie_Isabellagg871
hahah i love how he uses charlie sheen in his lyrics totally priceless. but this is a great song i love the beats and the lyrics obviously, i want this on my ipod asap.


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Estas en Còrdoba? Unite a Arte Oculto Còrdoba!

Arte Oculto Còrdoba

AOC (Arte Oculto Córdoba) es un proyecto independiente y sin fines de lucro que tiene como meta fomentar el arte emergente de la ciudad de Córdoba a través de la promoción multimedia, apoyandolos sean estos artistas ya conocidos o no,
juntandolos en un mismo lugar, sin importar donde esten, sus recursos y su reconocimiento en el mercado del arte. En pocas palabras, los beneficiarios de dicho proyecto son los ARTISTAS.

La plataforma AOC nace este año como un proyecto cultural ideado por Guillermo de Torres, y sus colaboradores Manuel Lada Ortiz y Gimena Navarro.

Pero, còmo funciona Arte Oculto Còrdoba?

Todo funciona a travès de una plataforma web – o sea un sito web (www.arteocultocordoba.com) que presenta a los artistas brevemente y guia a los lectores a la página personal – en la cual se dan a conocer a los artistas, sumado a una agenda cultural; pero esto no es todo, AOC ofrece ademàs, la creaciòn de una pàgina web para el artista, donde podrà mostrar sus obras, adjuntar su biografìa.
Esta pàgina contarà con una planilla moderna y con un diseño que favorece la visualizaciòn de las obras, centrando la atenciòn del visitante en los trabajos; ademàs, esta misma llevarà el nombre del artista. (ej:www.guillermodetorres.com)

Promoción multimedia?

Se usa el tèrmino promoción multimedia cuando nos referimos al uso de los medios de comunicación para captar la atención del público. Estos pueden ser: Blogs, redes sociales (Facebook, Twitter…), emailings, etc. Pero la promociòn incluye tambièn medios impresos, es decir, carteles, adhesivos y una revista trimestral.

Mis trabajos en una revista?

Asì es. Cada tres meses AOC publicarà una revista en la cual se enfocarà la atenciòn sobre los ùltimos artistas que se han unido a la comunidad y plataforma AOC. A esto se le suma una agenda cultural, destacando los eventos del momento.

..Resumiendo, AOC:

1) Crea una plataforma de artistas de Córdoba en Internet
2) Crea páginas web a artistas (con dominio personalizado!)
3) Digitaliza las obras de los artistas (sea lo que sea que hagas!)
4) Crea una Agenda Cultural online
5) Publica una Revista Trimestral
Y mucho màs!

Cómo te podés asociar?

La forma de asociarte es simple y rápida. Envías un mail
a info@arteocultocordoba.com y solo tenès que esperar un correo electrónico con toda la información pertinente.


Manuel Lada Ortiz
Gimena Navarro
Guillermo de Torres
Leelo tambièn en: DeviantART

MASE – “Like this”

 MASE, from Libreville, Gabon (Africa) is the owner of DMS Entertainment, his personal music company since 2004, located in Miami, Florida. He has a very wide cultural knowledge since he always lived around the world and this fact made him want to translate all of this into music, using a little bit of everything in his productions. His sound belongs to hip-hop, rap and rnb and he has already incorporated two artist to DMS Ent: Camille and Sonja.

During his career he produced for Casino, ½ Grown, Mia Holiday and then he decided to step up and show a different side of him, so he took the mic. His first masterpiece was “We miss you”. This song is a tribute MASE made for his late father; it’s a reflecting song but at the same time it has good vibes, mixed with a touch of sadness. “We miss you” represents the perfect blending between hip-hop beats, African and European sounds.

But now, MASE has evolved. A whole new chapter in his career has begun since he produced “Like this”, a hip-hop, rnb party tune. If you want to have fun on the dance floor and you’re searching for the perfect track, this is what you’re looking for!

Already blowing on the internet, “Like this” has already received great feedback from the listeners. 

 “loving it! good to hear a fresh sound on here.”

“Loving the energy on this jam” (from greenhitz.com)

This is a young and fresh sound, very active but not too noisy or quiet, it manages to have a little bit of both, reaching a really nice enjoyable combination.

The download is available on iTunes but you can also follow MASE on Facebook or Twitter!

Stay tuned!

An Interview with OK Go

OK Go is an alternative rock group from Chicago, born in 2001.
They started with only a few demos, but they managed to get where they are through little concerts and songs at the beginning, and in no time, the majors start getting interested in them.

‘Get Over it’ is the first single to conquer the charts from USA and Europe.
2005 was an excellent year, first of many still to come, since that’s the date when ‘Oh No’ came out.
Works of art made with little money, such as ‘A million ways’ in which the band sings and dances to the music of their tune at Damian’s house, only 10 dollars!

I’ve started following OK Go with my family back in 2006 when ‘Here it goes again’ came out and it was a hit.
But let’s start with the questions!

First of all.. what was the band that really inspired or even inspires you? And why? What in particular amazed you?

Ok go: “One group I can say for sure was the Pixies. They were a major influence for every one of us at one point or another. For me the amazing thing about the Pixies was how genuine they were. Everything about them was concrete.”

All your text are really great, where do you get the ideas, inspiration?

Ok Go: “Damian usually gets the ideas for his lyrics through his personal experiences.”


We can clearly see that you guys ‘give brith’ to awesome and original videos such as the one for ‘Here it goes again’ or as latest example, ‘This too shall pass’ brand new video. What was the most crazy idea you guys thought of?

Ok Go: “I’m not sure what our craziest idea is, or was… I think our craziest ideas are yet to come – maybe we’ll work with wild animals next time.”

Your style is particular, very 80’s. What made you choose that? Is it something that’s going to be a way of recognizing you, or there’s a chance that it may change anytime soon?

Ok Go: “That’s funny, I think of our style as very 2011 – not sure why we come off 80’s, a few years back we were trying to come off late 1800’s.”

 Something that seems very important to you is the visual part, do you think that this factor is part of your success, since people feels attracted by that?

Ok Go: “I definitely think the visual aspect of our art is a factor in our success.”

What can you tell us about Paracadute? And oh, it’s impossible to ignore your business partners with those gorgeous suits, and they look really anxious and listening! Isn’t that just great? Any names?

Ok Go: “Paracadute is parachute in Italian. Dora and Bun E. are our business partners – Dora is our CEO and Bun is our founder.”

What’s coming next for OK Go? Plans for the future?

Ok Go: “A whole lot of touring is what’s up next.”

Tours? Coming to Argentina? If you ever decide to come, I want to challenge you Damien to a tennis match since I play and I know you’re a Ping Pong champion! Is that a deal?

Ok Go: “I think you may want to challenge Tim Nordwind to some table tennis, and prepare to be defeated!”

On a side note, something that can really be appreciated in the home made videos we can see on the Official Youtube Channel is that you are good friends and always getting along, it really shows and I think that’s a strong point that makes such a great band like OK Go, have the success it deserves.

“Thank you – it’s true – and we’re glad you noticed.”

Hope you enjoyed as much as I did! Don’t forget to check out this guys!



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Fishie fishie!

If you try to use those things incorporated in your face called eyes.. and you use them well, you will see that there’s a fishie over there! Can’t see it? -.- Cloooser.. closer! Pay attention! YESSSSS! There! :O

This is a work I’ve done a litte time ago, I’ve got nothing to show as recent work since I’ve been going here and there, with no time for PS, things are keeping me busy, you know. I hope you like it, and as always, I expect some kind feedback (meaning I want you to give feedback, be it negative or positive) on the original link http://angelitonegro.deviantart.com/art/Water-Fish-146950272


nk 🙂

Introducing: rendezvous


Do you like to discover new bands, listen to new sounds, and maybe become obsessed with new tunes? Well I do.You all know I’m a big fan of music, and I’m interested in anything about it. So today I’m going to do something unusual, and introduce to you a two pieces band called Rendezvous.

Rendezvous is an instrumental and experimental two piece band with retro sounds and contemporary ideas.

Rendezvous gets its name from the venture of Itai Simon and Hagai Izenberg, that created the band in 2003 trying to find interesting ways to capture the imagination of hungry minds and ears everywhere, as their MySpace‘s page tells.

One year later, they released their first EP that crowned the band “Rendezvous”. This proyect, a collaboration with other artists, was a complete succes gave them the push to start their fist album, which is now being mixed in London by Dave Bascombe (this producer worked already with bands like the talented Depeche Mode). Currently they’re still working with him.

They recently uploaded a new video to their YouTube channel, improvising on Blues In Space during a recording break. They describe it as a nostalgic moment and I can’t do nothing but agree with their words since they have all it takes to capture you, surround you with their sound and get you interest during the whole process. I honestly encourage you to listen to it.

Rendezvous‘ support is getting bigger and stronger day by day, and you could take a tour through their websites and listen to their songs.

They are active members on many social networks, follow them on:

MySpace, Facebook, Youtube, ReverbNation, iLike and Twitter. Or visit Rendezvous’ main website for more.

I truly think that this band will keep on growing as fast as they are doing right now and I really hope that a prescious future is awaiting them, since I find their music interesting, entertaining, fresh and new.

All I can say is that they are a higly recommended band and I’ll certainly keep you informed regarding their upcoming album.

Hanging Clothes

This is one of many collaborations you will see. Me and my friend German decided to collaborate after I wrote this little story that came up from nowhere (actually, when I was hanging clothes), so he decided to illustrate it.  Here’s the result!

Backgrounds from endless stories lie in the backyards.
From this static and deserted town.
The only noise is the one of a ball
bouncing on the firm cement floor.
I hang the clothes as it rains
They’re already soaked, anyway.
I wonder what’s the reason behind the cloud’s crying
why are they flooding the streets, what brings them sorrow.
Transparent drops bathe the garments
Piercing them, becoming part of them
melting their colours, heavy, start to fall.
They kiss the wet ground, giving life to multicoloured shapes
Outlining what they’re not able to tell.
Their voices can’t be heard in the distance.
All the colours start turning black
Making my feet dirty, already sunk long ago.
Exhausted, not even the hangers can hold the weight of their guilt
and start to give up.
How am I supposed to pick up all the clothes?
How to avoid their doom in the awaiting black hell
I see them fall and burn in this dark cold ocean
Without being able to fight against a sticky guilty feeling.
I’d like to reach the sky, and dry their tears
With what I have left.
Wet and confused rags.

Go check out the original here http://artcova.deviantart.com/art/Hanging-Clothes-148087745 🙂 in his account!


Solían mencionar que al anochecer todo era placido.
En aquel parque, un frígido invierno en mis recuerdos.
Indiferentes eran las noches, opacas y sin sentido,
Ya que nada ocurría.
Solo el pasar del tiempo.
Pero he aprendido a observar.
Me atreví a volver a ese frágil lugar
Un asiento allí esperándome, frío e impasible.
Al levantar la mirada, otro mundo frente a mis ojos.
Ante mi una mesa de picnic, para las calidas tardes de verano,
Y los diálogos en un almuerzo.
Puedo ver como la lluvia castiga la madera,
Mientras sujeto mi paraguas, para no ser golpeada.
Esa lluvia ha derramado gotas de aflicción en el verde de estos parques.
Colma los hormigueros la atroz y límpida agua.
Pedidos de ayuda me invaden,
Sin embargo no hay suficientes palabras de desconsuelo.

Gente malhumorada tras las ventanas de sus hogares.
Ellos no sufren, ellos no se ahogan.
Si solo pudieran oír el lamento de las hormigas!
O sufrir esa misma tortura.
Estarían ellos agradecidos por su suerte,
O seria esta solo una trágica noticia mas?
Es ahí que llega el enérgico viento,
Que con sus alas de brisa abraza el momento, llevándose las penas.
Ese viento impetuoso que todo esfuma.

Me encontraba en ese mismo lugar, con el sol a lo lejos.
En el mismo asiento,
Con un absurdo paraguas en mi mano.


Capaz de crear mi dolor sin saberlo.
Soy un alma sin frenos.
Incapaz de detenerme en frente a los riesgos, a su vez listos para hacerse llamar tragedias.

Me dejo llevar por los impulsos.
Es una necesidad irrefrenable que raramente te abandona.
Es un atracón a escondidas de emociones retorcidas.
Planeado asiduamente, solitario y culpable pero a su vez efímero y raudo.

La paciencia mata o salva, según como se juega.
De repente me encuentro en una habitación vasta y llena de grietas.
Menudas sogas cuelgan desde el techo, sujetando imágenes que no desconozco, pero que aun no he vivido.
Terminado el ritual las cuerdas desisten, y las imágenes se rompen en mil pedazos, bruscamente, a toda velocidad.

Asustada las evito, pero mis piernas ceden, tratando que yo tome conciencia.
Me encuentro en el piso que se derrumba lentamente.
Mis brazos duelen cuando intento arrastrarme hacia la salida.
En el piso dibujo las líneas de tu figura, para contarte sobre mi lamentable y arriesgado viaje.
Para que puedas levantarme y no dejar que me desprenda.
Pero mi garganta se seca y no puedo hablar, las palabras se esconden dentro de mi.
Me esfuerzo pero me apuñalan desde adentro, haciéndome renunciar.
Son mil noches de porqués, pensando bajo las sabanas, que me envuelven y me ocultan.

Con una dosis de ilusión lucho.
Con melancolía y una dosis de furia me doy cuenta que mis deseos son ilógicos.